Craigs Alter ego

come back soon!

Until our esteemed PM aunties up and provides some Bio information, this is it...

Craig recently flew to Europe, a direct flight path over Iceland no less. Eyjafjallajokull sounded, well to Craig's ears, slightly flat. See what happened?

Craig is a very caring PM, who really just wants the best for the band. He is full of Canadian spirit and humor (which everyone else very rarely "gets", but we do appreciate him trying.)

He was born and raised North of the Border, where at a very young age had bionic implants surgically replace all moving parts of his fingers. These are now controlled by a cutting edge Bosch microprocessor and powered by a bluetooth nanogenerator, which also supplies the main cochlear implants that discern pitch and tone, and invariably catch any microsecond birl anomalies. He also had elephant lungs grafted to his own enabling him to, if he so chose, produce enough hot air to power the Gulf Coast Hot Air Balloon Festival.

We are all very grateful to have Craig as the PM of ICal, deliver top notch tuition, advice and run the band in a friendly and professional manner that does Bagpipers and Drummers all over the world proud.

I'm in serious trouble when he reads this, aren't I? Yes, Joe, yes you are.....