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Elijah Shell has wanted to learn to play the bagpipes after hearing his cousin (a piper a the time in the Wooster College pipe band) play the bagpipes at their grandmother's funeral when he was 5 years old. He finally got to start taking lessons when he turned 12 and is very appreciative of his teachers' time. He also plays the piano, baseball, lacrosse, is an avid hunter and fisherman, and is a blue belt in karate. He loves to draw things, especially airplanes and he likes to travel. Elijah goes to school at home. He is a Youth Volunteer at Conner Prairie, a 4-H Club member, and a member of College Park Church. He has a 6 year old sister and a mom and dad. Elijah is happy he is finally able to play a song (Amazing Grace) and is looking forward to playing many more.