come back soon!

Hey, I’m Marc. I was born and raised just outside Glasgow, Scotland.

I started to learn to play the pipes when I was around 8 years old, pretty much because my Dad, Grandpa, Great Grandpa and so on.. (I could go on..) play(ed). Yes, even next to the Canadian’s in the band, I have an accent…. although Craig has a better Scottish accent than me

I learned and played with Carluke Caledonia Pipe band for 7 years or so (hand me down kilts every 6 months) which then became The Baron of Lee P&D. I stopped for a short while (~ 20 years) ‘cause I found girls and other more interesting (I thought at the time) stuff.. Near the start of this hiatus, I met and married Annie Cool, had two great kids (hey, see Adam's Bio Page)

Anne had no idea I could play the pipes, until one unfortunate evening when a rogue set surfaced at a party.. but that’s another story

I picked up the pipes again after an unfortunate head injury (no, seriously, I have 13 stitch marks on my head to prove it… stop me and ask sometime) that helped me meet and play with a fantastic bunch of folk at Southern Indiana Pipes and Drums and get me back into it

I’ve been playing again for around 6 years, 3ish with ICal and lovin’ every sec… I was taught by a few ‘old school’ PM’s – Geordie Dunlop, Robbie Strathearn, Jim Henderson, and still have scars on my knuckles to prove it!

I play ’97 Hardie pipes, I have some old MacDougalls (Boer war vintage, passed down through 4 or 5 generations) and a set of 1950 Hardies for the boy. I have kitchen pipes, electronic pipes, a snare from somewhere.. and way too many chanters and other paraphenalia that annoys the heck out of Anne.

Other info – I’m a software engineer (there’s no shame in my game), I play the guitar and didgeridoo (not at the same time), I don’t have a favorite pipe tune – there are far too many to single one out. I am also heavily involved with the Columbus Scottish Festival, check us out here: Columbus Scottish Festival, and I kinda webmaster the ICal site… I do mean Shrek and James Bond impersonations, oh and I have a few black belts in different martial arts :D

Later! Come back soon, or better yet come and see ICal at the ISM or one of our other performances..