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Paul is one of the seasoned (some say over seasoned) veterans of ICal. At the ripe old age of [age removed by webmaster so as not to cause offence], he was present when the first sheep was slaughtered for the first pipe bag, and the first African Blackwood (indigenous to the Highlands) tree was whittled down to a rough hewn set of drones

Yes, Paul was tutored in the traditional style - tied to a tree and pelted with 'soft' rocks until he 'got it'

He is 100% sure that Piobaireachd is Gaelic for "messing around", and does his utmost to live up to that definition

His piping journey hasn't been without it's ups and downs, of course. There was one time when, car full of piping equipment, Paul pulled into a rest stop to use the facilities. Now, he parked a little way away from the restrooms and made his sprightly way there. Around 200 yards into the treck, he realised that he'd left the car unlocked. He rushed back to the car, opened the trunk (expecting the worse) and to his complete shock, horror and dismay he was TOO LATE. Some unscrupulous ne'er do well had placed ANOTHER set of pipes in beside his gear.

Then there was the time someone asked him to play 'Over the Hills and Far Away'. No, really...

He has lost his left arm twice, and all the fingers on his right hand 3 or 4 times, but the ALWAYS grow back

All joking aside, Paul "Fingers" White is a central part of the band. His strong, skilled, playing is a driving force in ICal, and we are a better band with his commitment and drive. And the Piobaireachd thing - he plays a mean classical bagpipe selection, and most definitely does not 'mess around' with it :)