come back soon!

Hi!! I'm going to write this like I answered a questionnaire... Growing up, my brothers called me something other than my name from time to time, but I'd rather not repeat it. I just go by Susan. I'm from Hampton, Virginia... the oldest continuous English speaking settlement in America! I have played percussion since 1972 - at that time I was the only girl in the percussion section. I don't have my own drum... just use the band's.

I haven't really have a tutor for highland drumming... just played with the band. I also play Piano, but it has been a long time since I've played on a regular basis. When I do take the time to play now, I'm sight reading music I once played on a regular basis.

Indiana Caledonia is the first bagpipe band with which I've played. I like the slow aire that we play (Dreamtime). Sometimes the melody sticks with me all day and I find myself humming it at work!

My Dad was a drummer and my son is a drummer. I enjoy quilting, bowling with my friends and spending time with my family. I am completely nuts about Virginia Tech football (go Hokies!!)!

I work in training & development in a project management capacity.

I have 1 practice pad and 2 pairs of sticks, which are put away when I'm not using them (which would annoy me more than it would my husband, I think). I was using my son's practice pad until recently - it's much heavier than the one I have now.

I have a lot of fun with the band... we need more drummers! If you are reading this, you must be interested in the band. So, what are you waiting for??? Come join us!