The Indiana Caledonia Pipe Band is currently preparing for the 2010 competition season. Thanks for your support during the 2009 season!

Weather permitting - ICal LIVE at The Indiana State Museum, Sat Feb 6th 10 a.m - 12 Noon. Please join us for some outstanding Band and Solo Performances!

History of the Indiana Caledonia Pipeband

The Indiana Caledonia Pipe Band was formed in 2004 and is located in the Indianapolis area. The founders of the band wanted to provide an opportunity for pipers and drummers in the greater Indianapolis area to prepare for and participate in Pipe Band Competitions across the Mid-West and East Coast regions.

The band is under the direction of qualified piping and drumming instructors who have extensive competition experience. The band also encourages its members to compete as soloists as this is the best way to improve individual skills.

Also important is the environment of the band. The leaders provide a “family friendly” environment for the participants as we believe the future of the band lies in the hands of our young players. The band is looking for both experienced and beginner players for either piping or drumming. For beginners, the ideal ages to begin would be in the 9 to 13 year old range, but you're NEVER too old!

Each band member currently wears their own kilt using their “clan” or family tartan. If they don’t have a family tartan, they may select one they like.

The band is available for performances. Solo pipers or drummers are also available (see contact page). Please call or email for more information

Officers of the Band:

Pipe Major: Craig Waugh
Piper's Club/ Public Relations Dr. John Holcombe
Quartermaster Joe Ketterman