The Indiana Caledonia Pipe Band is currently preparing for the 2010 competition season. Thanks for your support during the 2009 season!

Weather permitting - ICal LIVE at The Indiana State Museum, Sat Feb 6th 10 a.m - 12 Noon. Please join us for some outstanding Band and Solo Performances!

Who Are We?

The mission of this organization is to help encourage and promote the Great Highland Bagpipe and Highland Drumming in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas.

Ical Live - ICPB gathers monthly to hold solo competitions for all pipers and drummers of any experience level. These gatherings are a time for fellowship, personal growth and a chance for solo pipers and drummers to compete in a friendly atmosphere. We hope that you enjoy the experience and will join us again.

ICal Live is normally held the first Saturday of each month at the Indiana State Museum. Piping and drumming will start at 10:00 am ending at around 12:00pm. Please contact us in advance to confirm the afternoon events. All pipers, drummers and spectators are welcome, and feel free to invite a friend.

To contact the band in order to compete at the next gathering, for piping or drumming instructors or to schedule pipers or pipe bands for any occasion, please see the contact page

What Happens At ICal Live?

All pipers and drummers register to play in advance by contacting one of the band directors. The players inform the club as to what Level or Grade they play or compete at. Grade 5 for example is the beginner level moving up to Grade 1 which is a very proficient level. There is one higher level called the “Professional Grade”, these are the experts!

Each month, the requirements are given as to what types of tunes each grade needs to play for the following month (see details below). For example, one month may be a March; the following month may be a Hornpipe or a Jig.

Normally we combine Grades 5 and 4 together then Grades 3 and 2 together. The players may elect to “compete” against the other pipers in their level or they may choose to be “critiqued”. In both cases, we have an adjudicator who then uses a standard Solo Piping Adjudication form to give the piper feedback on such things as:

At the end of the competition events of Grades 5/4 and Grades 3/2, the Grade 1 and Professional pipers play their selections. These pipers are also required to play pre-selected types of tunes. The performances of the expert pipers serve both as examples to the more junior pipers as to “how” to perform well and also as an example to the audience as to “how” good piping should sound!

ICal Live is open to all, so if you have friends or family who would like to join us to compete or would even like to start to learn the “Pipes” or the “Drums” we would be happy to hear from you.

Thanks for joining us …

ICal Live time

A Thousand Welcomes!

Please be ready to play by 10:00 am. The Indiana Caledonia Pipe Band may play from 10:00 to 10:30 then the solo pipers/drummers will begin.

ICal Live Location:

Indiana State Museum (Auditorium) – you may check the ISM website for more details). Click Here to view a map of the Indiana State Museum. We look forward to seeing you there.

ICal Live Schedule (2010):

  • Please see the Performance and Practice Schedule pages for confirmed dates & times